Day 5, Kings Stanley to Wotton Under Edge

Today was mostly fun.  The Belgians stumbled into the Old Spot not long after I posted my lunch update.  We shared a pint and hit I the footpath.  I was two miles from my final destination when I started to ascend a large hill with a monument to local historical celebrity William Tyndale.

By the time I got to the monument, I started to become concerned about the trail markers.  They didn’t seem to match up to my map.  I’ve learned to just trust in the markers so I kept going.  After a steep decline, I dropped into the outskirts of town.  Figuring it was my final stop, I started trying to get my bearings.  I soon realized I was not where I thought I was.  It was about this point when a familiar voice called me from the building I was standing in front of.  There, with his totally bald top of his head but long hair all the around the sides, was Bart the Belgian calling to me from the second story of his inn, an inn I had passed two hours earlier.  I managed to walk in a giant 2-mile circle.


Rather than climb the hill again to find the right path, we walked another 2 miles down the road into Wotton Under Edge.  Luckily, we found one of the pubs we were looking for right away.  Then we found the second pub and had a few more beers.

Apparently, Wotton Under Edge is a really popular stop because there was no available lodging in the town.  My B&B is 4 miles back up the path, but the owners came and picked me up and will drop me back where I left off.   According to the owner of the B&B, there was a big landslide on Tyndale hill, which messed up the trail.

I’m exhausted.  Until tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 5, Kings Stanley to Wotton Under Edge

  1. KEV, these are great times for you. The experience will stay with you all your life. Happy you take chances and put all your effort into enjoying all you do. Love you, DAD


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