Day 7, Tormarton to Bath

I walked all day amidst a shower to arrive in Bath.  It rained for about 5 hours of the 6 hour, 17-mile walk.


At times it was cold and the whole time it was wet.  I had lunch at a gas station, and actually, it wasn’t bad.  About half way in, I caught up to the Belgian duo and walked the rest of the day with them.  All in all, a good way to finish up my walkabout.

Ronny and Bart, the naked headed Belgians

Ronny and Bart, the naked headed Belgians

The weather broke for a short stint as we came down over the hill into Bath, it was like the weather gods were granting us one little mercy for our efforts.  A couple of blocks before the actual end of the path, we stopped at an old traditional pub, The Star Inn.  We had a couple of A+ pints and I got to see something I’d never seen before, 2 kilderkins (18-gallon casks), both filled with Bass.  They dispense by the pint or pitcher.


Billie McGovern might have something to say about this one.

102 plus miles and my Cotswolds constitutional is at a close.  I’ll write up a full conclusion tomorrow.  Right now, I’m at a little bit of a loss for words.  I’ve had such a great time and met some awesome people.  Now on to some more pubs.


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