Dales Way Day 2: Burnsall To Hubberhome

I’ve just taken a sleeping pill. Sleep has not been great. I also took five sleeping pints. I think I will be ok tonight but don’t hold errors in this post against me.

I left Burnsall this morning all chipper and happy. The first part of today’s trail followed a peaceful portion of the River Wharfe. The river provides a wonderful soundtrack to walking.  After a few fun bridges, I walked into the Grassington. Grassington was a fantastic village. I’d love to come back and spend time there some day. Something about the city oozes Yorkshire. Kind of a stark beauty.

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Out of Grassington, I managed to miss a sign and ended up adding about 2 miles to my walk – mostly uphill. After I was back on the trail, the trail veered away from the river and drove up and over the hilly moors. Up there the landscape was a bit sparse. No trees, just grass and rock.


After about 7 miles, I descended into the tiny village Kettlewell, had a huge meal and set to Hubberholme 5 miles away. I lost my hat on the way. Very sad about that. I’m staying a very old inn. The village’s population probably doesn’t exceed 30 people. Just a 12th-century church, an inn, and a bridge.

I’m tired. Big walk tomorrow. Total mileage today: 19.


3 thoughts on “Dales Way Day 2: Burnsall To Hubberhome

    • The main industry is tourism. There’s also still quite a bit of sheep and cow farming. I’d also guess that many people retire here. I’m not sure about the flag. It was at a small locally owned hotel. The only other flag around was the union jack.


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