2 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Video

  1. Love the video, Kevin. Matt and I got inspired and started planning our own walking trip. Maybe in a few years we’ll tackle the Cotswolds…this one looks too tough!

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    • Thanks Liz. You two are more than capable of tackling the Coast to Coast. But it’s just not as bucolic and historically interesting as you’d get in the south. I think the Cotswolds would be a great choice. Although, the Hadrian’s Wall path is supposed to be great – I imagine that would be very much up Matt’s alley. I’m thinking Wales next.

      I heard you were quite the celebrity the other night.

      Oh! I just remember something that might be interesting. There’s a movement to revive the old English pilgrimage roots. I think those would be worth looking into. The St. Cuthbert’s Way sounds really cool.

      If you have a chance, check out Robert MacFarlane’s books. I’ve read The Old Ways (Bonnie bought it for me for Christmas) and Landmarks. I think both of you and Matt would appreciate his work. Very well written and centered on the importance of walking.

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