4 thoughts on “Full LeJog Video

  1. Hi Kevin,

    What a great walk. I have enjoyed watching your rambles across the English countryside. What a great way travel; to watch while we can’t actually travel to walk. I have made 3 walks in the UK and missed my West Highland Way walk that I had planned for for summer 2020. I was wondering how you have been keeping busy in the Covid times? I purchased the “A Walk Through England” and thoroughly enjoyed it.



    • Hey Jay. Thanks for the kind words. This summer has been rough. Living in Arizona means that summer is our indoor season. It’s just now cooling off, so getting out and going for a hike in the morning has been life-saving. I had planned a 5-week trip last summer. I was bummed. The previous summer I was able to get out for two walks in the UK. The ridgeway with some time in the Dales and then taking a group of 7 through the Dales on a 100-mile pub crawl. Both were great.

      I’m hopeful that by this next summer things will have calmed down. The WHW is a fantastic trail. I hope you enjoy the Hillaby book as much as I did. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up walking the WHW as part of your own LeJog adventure.


  2. I didn’t know there were others like me. I can so identify with your story and how your LEJOG developed. Only difference is, I have yet to accomplish mine. I have it all, though: the dream, the research, the maps, the hours of online study(Mark Moxon, et al.), gpx. files saved on my GoogleEarth. Like you, I struggle with how it’s even possible and, even after reading this, I still don’t know how a working family man could pull it off. My goal is to achieve it in pieces, even if non-consecutively. My route is a bit different than yours, of course. For reasons of my own, of course. Here’s to hoping! Best wishes


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