British Exponential

Totally wiped out today. I meandered around the city for a couple hours and stumbled onto this scene.  
I eventually ended up in the Roman spa museum. Very cool, very well preserved imperial Roman site. It lay buried, forgotten and preserved for nearly 1,500 years. The lead lining of the pool was so precisely laid that it is still water tight 2,000 years later.

After my historical excursion I headed back to the hotel, napped and watched a 2-hour documentary about Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.  It took an unusual amount of will to peel myself off the bed and do some more exploring.

I went to a gin bar and had a decent but overpriced cocktail. And now I’m eating a very American meal at one of the only restaurants still serving food on a Monday at 8pm.

There’s another cocktail bar around the corner. I think I’ll see if I can find a fitting nightcap and call it a night. Copenhagen tomorrow.

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