Denmark and Homeward


I’m home now.  My computer died in Denmark, so I was not able to update the blog.

So, Copenhagen.  Lovely place.  I stayed in the previously seedy (still plenty seedy) district of Vesterbro.  Hip restaurants and bars and strip clubs and sex toy shops abound.  I had a couple good meals, ate a Danish danish and hit up two notable beer bars.  I also walked downtown and did the typical tourist stuff.


In all honesty, while Copenhagen is a cool place, I was still tired from my hike and ended up traveling for 10+ hours to get there from Bath (3 trains, a plane and lots of walking), stayed for 40ish hours then traveled nearly 8 hours to get back to London.  I was just too tired to fully enjoy it and I ended up spending the better awake part of two days traveling to and fro.  I should have just stayed in the UK.  I could have certainly spent more time in Bath.

The flight home was long, so long in fact, that I read The Martian cover to cover and had time to take a nap.  It’s good to be home.

So that’s it.  The anticlimactic end to an epic adventure.  Thanks for reading.  Now it’s time to figure out what should be the new top spot on my bucket list…

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