Dales Way Day Four: Cowgill To Sedbergh

I had to walk about 5 miles from Cowgill to Dent to get some breakfast. I was grumpy, muddy, and hungry by the time I rolled into Dent. I somehow got turned around on the trail and ended up in bog central.

After a bit of nourishment, I was feeling a little better. Today is a relatively easy day of walking. About 11 trail miles and just one hill. I said goodbye to the Dales and hello to the Lake district. My walk was mercifully uneventful.

I found myself completely sapped and sore as I descended into Sedbergh. My room at the B&B would not be ready for hours, so I shuffled around the cool little village of Sedbergh for a bit.


Sedbergh is very charming. Slate built houses all vertical and huddled together. The Lake District is something of a walking tour mecca for the brits. There are more walkers out and about than locals.

I just had dinner with a couple of English women (both in their 50s who have walked many long distance footpaths) and an Australian guy in his late 60s. We had some great conversations, mostly about Trump and Brexit.

Tomorrow is another long day. No villages on the route. Total mileage today: 15.

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