Dales Way Day 5: Sedbergh To Burneside

The path to Burneside  (pronounced Bernie-side) began with riverside trails that occasionally meandered up into grassy pastoral hills. Unlike previous days, the entire day consisted, more or less, of the same type of scenery – except when I had to pass of the M6 (a busy motorway). Oh joy.

Early in the day I caught up to my Australian trail mate (“Bobby”) and walked with him for an hour or so before bounding off on my own. It appears the winter rains really did a number on the area. There were many diversions and two bridges that were closed. Both of which I crossed anyway.



Bridge over the River Mint


Towards the end of the day, I caught up with the Londoners that I had met in Dent. We had a nice chat, much of which consisted of me recounting all the same things I had forgotten I talked about in Dent. We did not talk about Trump or Brexit. We decided to meet up with Bobby the Australian for an Indian Dinner in Kendal, only to discover it was an Indian holiday and all the Indian restaurants were closed. So we settled for an uninspired dinner at a small hotel restaurant.

I don’t even remember lying down I was so tired. One day to go.

Total Daily Mileage: 18.



Thomas Kinkade’s Dream



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